• How Do I rent From Hangar 19?
    • Please review our rental instructions on the Forms & Terms page and fill out the required paperwork.
      You can also add items to your cart and submit a “request for quote” at checkout. At that time you’ll receive an e-mail with the list of items you are interested in and we will send you an invoice with details of your order.
  • Can I rent furnishings (couches, tables, refrigerators, beds, etc.) from Hangar 19?
    • Typically no. Hangar 19 is focused on smaller pieces such as vintage electronics, personal items, prop weapons, and other portable items. We do have some lighting options and occasional chairs so please contact us if you have a specific request regarding furniture as we may be able to help source something for you.
  • How quickly can I get the items I need to rent?
    • Typically we can have your items ready for pickup within a day. If an order is placed before 10am then we can usually have that order ready by end of day.
  • Are you open to the public?
    • We do not have a retail space open to the general public. If you’d like to visit our facility to inspect certain inventory or talk about a fabrication project please use the contact us form and request an appointment.
  • Do you sell any products or items?
    • We may sell certain expendable items such as break-away glass, fake blood, printed items designed to be altered (coloring book, scratch off ticket, etc). We also sell design and on-set armorer services. We DO NOT under any circumstances sell firearms or ammunition of any kind.
  • What design and fabrication services does Hangar 19 offer?
    • We offer graphic design, custom painting/refinishing, and concept design through fabrication for custom props and set dressing.