Are you wondering if an item is in stock & available? We’ve been seeing a lot of people use our contact form to ask about the availability and prices for specific items. While this is effective, there’s a more accurate and efficient way to inquire about our props and dressing. Hangar 19 uses a quote system, where you can create a collection of items you’re interested in, similar to how e-commerce sites use a shopping cart.

Example “Quote” Screen – Available by clicking the cart icon in the right side of the site’s header.

When you are viewing an item, either in a list or on the item’s detail page, you will see an “add to quote” button. Just click the “add to quote” button and that item you’re interested in will be added to Hangar 19’s “shopping cart.” You may add as many (in stock) items to your cart as you like. Then when done browsing you can view your cart and submit a “request for quote” to us. Once we receive your request we will send you back a quote containing each items cost and availability. Generally speaking, if an item is listed as “in stock” it is available for you to rent.

Thanks for your support!